Data Governance

Formalizing and guiding behavior around the definition, production, and usage of data to manage risk and improve the quality and usability of Rice University’s data assets for decision support

The Data Governance Council is composed of Rice’s valued data trustees and stewards. This council is responsible for ensuring Rice’s data assets are accurate and well defined. The Data Stewards Advisory Group (DSAG) is the council’s working group composed of stakeholders from departments such as FE&P, Finance, Office of the Registrar, Rice Business, Office of Research, Faculty, Development, Learning Management Systems, Institutional Effectiveness, Institutional Research, Undergraduate Admissions, and Graduate Admissions. This group meets quarterly and focuses on the people, processes, and technologies that support a data driven culture.

Some of the key data governance initiatives are:

  • Data access and security
  • Collaboration tools supporting data stewardship
  • Business data glossary
  • Data quality
  • Data life cycle management
  • Training related to data literacy and data awareness

The Data Warehouse and the Data Governance Council are tightly coupled at Rice. Data governance is critical to a successful data driven culture in an organization as shown below:


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