Resources and FAQ 


How do I make a request to access data in the Data Warehouse?
  • Contact the member of the BI team by filling out the contact form
  • Include where the data is coming from, if known (for example, Student data, Alumni, Facility information)
  • View a step-by-step process and learn more here
How do I make a request to start using Tableau on my desktop?
  • Contact the member of the BI team by using the contact form
  • Request a purchase of a license through Rice Procurement
  • When license is approved, a member of the BI team will walk you through the installation process
How can I request the creation or modification of a report?

Data CookBook

What is Data CookBook?
  • The Data Cookbook is a central repository of data definitions and a data governance tool. Learn more here
Where do I get information (i.e. source or calculations) about fields used in reports?
How do I upload data definitions used in my reports to Data Cookbook?
  1. If this is your first time at preparing definitions, please contact a member of the BI team to guide you through the process and to receive a definitions spreadsheet template
  2. Prepare the definitions based on the template provided
  3. Submit your definitions spreadsheet to Christy Witt ( to start the review process
  4. The BI team will review your definitions and make recommendations for improvement
  5. If the definition are for departmental use, they will be uploaded. If the definitions are broad based across campus, then the definitions will be submitted to the executive committee for review
  6. For the departments who have a solid data governance program in place, we will work with you to create a workflow so that you can manage your own definition creation and approval process