Tableau Server Upgrade to 2021.3.7

By Lailah Hoque

Tableau Server Collections

The Tableau server will be upgraded to 2021.3.7 on April 29th 2022. If you are a Tableau Desktop user, it is recommended to use version 2021.3.7 and Tableau Prep 2021.3.3 for maximum compatibility. Please follow the links below to download the recommended versions:

Download Tableau Desktop

Download Tableau Prep Builder

Please note that older versions of Desktop and Prep will still be compatible with Tableau Server. If you are having issues with your published workbooks or data sources, please let us know by contacting filling out the contact form.

Key Benefits of this upgrade include:

  • Updated critical security patch for log4j vulnerability
  • Ability to rename published Workbooks
  • New feature called Collections to gather and organize content from across Tableau server 
  • Generate missing rows in a table with Tableau Prep based on date, integer

A full list of features can be found by visiting the following link:



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